Xavier Nicolás

Xavier Nicolás

Xavier Nicolás was initially trained as a "Technician in Tourist Activities". He also holds an MA (Licenciatura) in Contemporary History and a PhD in Sociology and Human Sciences.

He has worked as a professor of tourist techniques in Barcelona and as a guide in Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania and India. He is the founder of the Siegfried Wagner Association in 1982. During the following years, he specialized in the world of Wagner and was designated president of the Wagner association of Barcelona and received the "Gold Pin" from the International Wagner Society, with headquarters in Bayreuth, in 2004.

His professional activity has mainly revolved around the diffusion of the life and works of the romantic composer Siegfried Wagner and of his father Richard Wagner, giving talks and seminars in San Francisco, Tokyo, Auckland, Seville, New York, Solingen, Toulouse, Valencia, Wellington, Lyon, Navarra, Santiago de Chile, Christchurch, Madrid y Buenos Aires, among other cities.

He has also carried out historical research on the 19th and 20th centuries and translated various operas and books from German, French, Italian, Catalan and English to Spanish. He has also worked as editor of cultural and musical magazines such as "El Tilo Sagrado", "Wagneriana" and "El Barco Vikingo". His articles frequently appear in such publications as "Monsalvat", "Amadeus", "Historia", "Le Cygne", "Nothung", "Wagner Notes", "Siegfried Wagner Zeitschrift", "El Mundo Medieval", "Revista Medieval" and "Revista de Marina" (Chile). He received the honorary award from the Revista de Marina in 1995.

At ESPECTRUM, Xavier Nicolás works as a scriptwriter and historical consultant for both the film and audiovisual productions.